Catering is a massive industry in the United States, with 261,189 employed in the catering industry. That’s because there are countless events that people need catering for. Barbecue, often abbreviated to BBQ, is one of the most popular types of food to cater, with ribs, wings, and brisket among the most popular options. No one should ever need an excuse to cater with barbecue, but if you do that’s fine too. There are plenty of reasons to choose from. Here are just a few of those amazing options to choose from:

Tailgate Party

Tailgating before a sporting event is one of the best ways to enjoy a beautiful day. While many people choose to cook their own food for a tailgate, as cooking out is part of the experience that people tend to love. However, when a large group gets together, barbecue catering is a great option to satisfy everyone without taking on the personal challenge of cooking for a huge group. BBQ food options, like ribs, are one of the best options for special events to make sure that everyone is happy.

Graduation Ceremony

A graduation ceremony is one of the special events that people will remember for years to come, celebrating one of the most important moments of a person’s life, as they complete their education. BBQ catering is a great choice to cater the afterparty to graduation, which typically brings friends and families together to celebrate.

Family Reunion

When large families get together it is often easier to simply cater the reunion than to cook for everyone. After all, more often than not people have different tastes and desires. Sometimes there are very few good cooks in a family, while other times there is too much to plan away from the food to worry about it yourself. Catering barbecue, with ribs and wings, is a great option to please everyone and make planning easier.

Holidays Where No One Wants to Cook

Holidays tend to be a busy time for everyone. You have to travel, make plans, and try to enjoy the holiday yourself. For many people, this makes catering a great option. For holidays like Independence Day, BBQ is a great choice of food from a cultural point of view. Around December, when an office party brings a large group of people together, catering is a must because no one wants to cook for their coworkers. You also need a variety of options, which barbecue offers from main dishes to sides.

Wedding Reception

A great way to set the tone for a wedding is to get barbecue catering instead of a more formal dinner. Having your guests much on ribs, instead of a seafood dinner that many think of as a fancier option, gets them excited to party. Those fancier meals tend to set the tone for a relaxed reception, where there is more structure and set expectations for you as a guest. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but on your wedding, when you want it to be a special event that you enjoy and fits your wants. If you want a more relaxed event, BBQ fits that desire.

Career Fair

There are tons of activity fairs and career fairs that are put on at places like colleges and universities. These are large events that bring people together and often benefit from serving food. This makes people more laid back, allowing for a great chance to interact with one another. It also offers an incentive for college students to show up to events that they might overlook or skip for something else instead.

Charity Event

Charity events, like charity 5k runs, to raise money for a good cause are a great place to bring in catered food, like BBQ ribs. It can either act as an incentive to come to the event, getting donations from other aspects of the event, or access to the catered food can even be sold for charitable purposes.

The great thing about catering barbecue specifically is how versatile it is. There are plenty of options in terms of proteins exist, but the sides are also extravagant. Will you choose barbecue fare for your next get-together? We hope so!