Firing up the grill to give a grand barbecue for a large crowd is a challenging task. The average number of guests that a food caterer can serve at an ordinary party is between 100 to 250. But catering for even 20 to 30 people is still a challenge, and the higher the number, the greater the challenge. Here are some hacks which can make your barbecue specials fun for everyone at your next party.

Borrow or rent a second grill

If you’re catering for a large crowd of people, you should consider seeking experienced hands and more equipment to meet your demands. Increase your grilling space by hiring or borrowing a second or third grill, and seek help from family, friends, or hired food caterers.

Get all your barbecue supplies in one place

Once you start your grilling session, you don’t want to start running up and down for supplies. The food may burn, or you may encounter delays. You should ensure that you have all that you need at hand. Contact your guests beforehand to learn about their allergies and likes or dislikes when it comes to barbecue. This information will help you when shopping for your meat supplies. Also, make sure you have enough fuel, tools, utensils, and proper protective gear to prevent possible food poisoning or injury from the fire.

Prepare what you can in advance

Early preparation can make your work easy. For example, you can prepare your marinade in advance and do the marinating at least two hours before you start grilling. You can marinate some meats such as pork butt and turkey and barbecue them in the evening before the special event. This plan is ideal because these meats take a little longer to cook. You can serve them during the party either as warm or cold meats. Have your ingredients chopped and ready to go into salad bowls before the start of your party. Kebab sticks need to sock for some time before threading them with veggies and meats. As such, factor this into some of your early preparations.

Give your guests room to customize condiments

It’s challenging to choose a menu item with the taste that is pleasant to every palate. You should try to offer as many condiments as you can. For instance, if you’re preparing burgers, have some shrimp, blue cheese, and any other ingredient that tastes great on a burger.

Buffet-style service is ideal

Let your guests serve themselves. This choice will save you the time and energy of moving up and down, trying to help all the guests with your barbecue specials.

Barbecues are an enjoyable way to savor the barbecue specials that you love. Eating outdoors brings change and some fun because you can engage in various outdoor activities while eating. You can also get to enjoy the warmth of summer and the fresh air outdoors. But if you’re offering your barbecue specials in the cold seasons, then ask your guests to come dressed in warm clothing.