If you’re throwing yourself or a loved one a birthday party, you may be weighing some different options for what food to serve. Catering is a great option for a party of any size because it takes a lot of the pre-party preparation stress off of you. There will be no kitchen to clean up or mess to worry about — just delicious food for your guests! Here are a few reasons why BBQ catering is the best choice for a birthday party.

Easy to Grab and Go

When you’re throwing a birthday party, you want to make sure that your guests are all able to eat in a normal timeframe. With barbecue catering, your guests can grab what they want and go on their way without having to worry about having too many utensils or extra plates to grab for side dishes. Considering the fact that the average party with a caterer is 100-250 people, you won’t want there to be any hold-ups in line.

Something For Everyone

BBQ catering offers different options that your guests can choose from, so they can customize their plate to make sure they get everything they want. Since BBQ is such a common type of food, your guests will likely know what they already like. Still, they could be surprised and end up liking a new rub or sauce combination. BBQ offers the right combination of familiarity while having different options to keep your guests happy.

Tap Into Food Nostalgia

BBQ is a classic staple for many people in the summer. BBQ takes us back to summer cookouts, beach days, and overall good times with friends and family. No matter what time of year, you can get BBQ catering and give your guests a reminder of all of the good times your guests have had eating BBQ. Plus you’ll be adding a new memory for the future with the delicious barbecue you serve at your party!

Getting BBQ catering is a great option for your birthday party if you want to keep your guests happy and well-fed. From the nostalgia of eating BBQ to the ease of filling up a plate with your favorites, BBQ is a great option for quite a few reasons. If you’re looking for BBQ catering in the Dayton, Ohio area, give Bullwinkle’s Top Hat Bistro a call today!