office catering

It’s amazing the importance food and beverage options have in regards to how an event is perceived by its attendees. The music matters, sure. The overall organization of the event–certainly important. But it’s really easy to overlook a mediocre band and long lines when your taste buds are being overwhelmed by a delicious barbecue (or bbq if you’re into the whole brevity thing).

A solid craft beer/spirits list is also becoming increasingly important to the success and overall guest perception of an event. Whether it’s white-collar office catering, a wedding, or your mom’s birthday party, if you plan on only having “well liquor” or “domestic beer” available, your event will be roundly ridiculed as being uncool. In a recent survey, 66% of people said that craft beer and spirits would continue to be a “hot trend” for restaurants in the coming years, so keep up with the times and source some local craft goodness.

Food Options

It’s safe to assume that if you’re here, you don’t feel like cooking food for hundreds of people. For special events, office catering, or even larger crowds, food caterers will be your best friends–get to know the best ones in your area. They can help you plan a menu that will satisfy all of the dietary needs of your guests. They can help you break down your costs based on headcount and help find solutions for your budget.

Party accessories and decorations are fleeting; it’s important to set a mood, but ultimately the bulk of your budget should go to the most important features of your event. No one’s ever come home from a party and said: “those centerpieces were sick, bro, you should’ve been there.” But people talk about good food with sn overwhelming sense of satisfaction when it’s done correctly.

Why is the Rum Gone?

Yes, even for office catering, the booze selection is important. Granted, most people with any kind of restraint will avoid getting “dancing on the tables” drunk, but people want to let loose a little bit–and they want to let loose with high-quality craft beverages. Also, be sure the supply meets the demand (plan on about two drinks per person for the first hour of a party, and one drink per person for each subsequent hour to be safe).

It’s okay to have some basic, domestic options for beer and liquor, but show your event attendees that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of local culture by offering local independent craft options for beer, whiskey, and clear spirits. Come up with your own mixed drink for the event for bonus points. The idea isn’t to overwhelm your guests with options, but ensure there’s a little something for everyone–even the most discerning guests.