As a young couple, you must have been waiting for your wedding day for a while, and when it’s finally time to get planning, you include the three sets of people you know will help you pull it off and they are; your soon-to-be spouse, your family, and a wedding planner.

When planning a wedding, the most critical part is the catering options you pick out and with good reason. After décor and venue, people remember the food. There are tons of event catering services you can choose, but to pick one that will be easy to work with takes a little time. In this post, we tell you the secrets of selecting a caterer as young couples, families, and wedding planners work together to make things super.

  1. They must be easy to talk to: By the time you are planning a wedding, you already have an idea of what you want to serve your guests. You may even have little expectations on the taste, presentation, and other aspects. This makes it crucial to have special events caterer you can comfortably and easily express yourself to. Friendly relations between young couples, families, wedding planners and the caterer makes it easy to communicate your expectation and for the caterer to give you an honest opinion.
  2. Provide various options to choose from: Obviously, the catering service will have different catering packages to choose from, and the first step is to look at the price point. Whether you are the lowest point of picking or the highest point, your caterer should give you catering options on the different meals you can serve your guests. A caterer who offers no catering options is probably going to provide you with a hard time and not be very flexible to include your desires on the meals you wish to serve.
  3. Offers a taste before you settle on a selection: This is crucial. The name of a meal may be sophisticated but the taste may not be what you expected or close to something you would want to serve at your wedding. This is your big day, and you want everything to taste as great as possible. Having a taste will also give you an idea of the quality of food your guests will eat. A lot of young couples tend to leave this to their families or their wedding planners. While there may be a lot of time-sensitive issues, it is paramount that you taste the food yourself.
  4. Does the company have a specialty?: Are you crazy about bbq and want to include it in your wedding? Then you need to contact a barbecue catering service or at least a caterer who is known to offer this service. Companies tend to specialize in different aspects of a meal, such as the main course, desserts, and drinks. Ask your caterer what their specialty is and determine from the onset if they are good at the dish you want or not. This will avoid disappointments later and give you time to choose a caterer who will cater to what you need.
  5. Attention to details: Details play a vital role to sew everything together and make your day perfect. You want to work with a caterer who is attentive to the details you want as well one who is careful with their presentations and taste. You can quickly determine if the caterer will offer you what you need during the taste if you tell them your vision beforehand. If they include what you envisioned and provides you with a wide variety of catering options, it’s a good sign. The average party a caterer handles is between 100 and 250 so; ask if they can handle more guests if you plan to have a large group.

Planning a wedding is a high-stress period for young couples, families, wedding planners and everyone involved. Having a caterer, you can easily work with makes the ride a little less stressing and your day a delicacy.