Unfortunately, school is no longer out for summer. Have no fear; the good weather should hold out long enough for you to have the backyard barbecue event of the summer. To save time here’s the best way to throw a delicious backyard barbecue.

Hire a caterer

If you’ve already put your grill into storage, you might as well keep it there. Even though you think you’re a grill master, nothing beats the taste of professional barbecue catering.

This will allow you more time to hang with your guests, play in the pool one last time, and cool down away from the grill. Plus, if you invite a large number of guests, this ensures that you’ll have enough food to go around. Large parties are notorious for eating a lot of food, but a caterer will work to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Opt for pitchers

As nice as it is to have a myriad of soda cans strewn about your yard, opting for a large pitcher for select cocktails, brews, and beverages is a great way to save time and minimize waste. Prepare them in advance to ensure everyone gets a taste of your concoction. It’s also a great way to practice your bartending skills — however, leaving the beers to the food caterer might be the easier option.

Keep the pool open a little passed Labor Day

The rule of thumb for pools is to open them on Memorial Day weekend and close them by Labor Day. However, the weather doesn’t really care about dates featuring special events. As such, you should be perfectly fine keeping your pool open for a little longer. Finicky kids will love it and it’ll give the adults a space to cool off between heaping piles of delicious bbq.

Whether you want to throw a summer barbecue or a birthday bash, Bullwinkle’s Top Hat Bistro works hard so you don’t have to. Rely on a team of professional caterers to stack your party with wings, ribs, and delicious southern-style barbecue.

If you feel summer slipping between your fingers, don’t stress: the barbecue industry works hard to satisfy taste buds all year round. Who knows? With barbecue catering, you might even be able to replace the holiday meals that are right around the corner.