The holidays are a time for giving, getting, and celebrating with your close friends and loved ones. However, it’s also essential to hold a holiday event for your hard-working employees.

Follow these essential tips and tricks for throwing a perfect holiday party without the stress!


Keep it simple

Planning an amazing holiday party can be a lot of work, but most of your guests will appreciate a simple layout with a few games or events thrown in. Ensure you have enough seating, enough food, and enough drinks by limiting the guest list; instead of accounting for numerous guests and plus-ones, keep your holiday party intimate with only your company. This can help you save money and ensure that you have enough food to appease all appetites at the table.

Rent a venue

Sure, you might save money by hosting your holiday party at your job’s central location, but most employees would prefer to go somewhere nice. Not only does it make your company feel like they deserve something special, but it also ensures they have a clear head.

When you party in the office, you’re stuck thinking about all the work and deadlines you have to meet. It’s unlikely people will cut loose and have fun. Instead, rent a venue for your team and decorate it to match the theme of the night.


Have it a little later

November through December is a busy time for everyone; between traveling for the holidays and meeting end of the year deadlines, your employees might not be in the mood to engage in a great holiday party.

Solve this by hosting your event a little later. January is virtually devoid of holidays after New Year’s Day and rates for venues are likely to go down after the holiday season. Planning it later will work better for everyone’s schedules and you’ll likely have happier employees to boot.


Rent a caterer

Instead of planning all the food, drinks, and tableware, rely on a great caterer to take care of the meal. When you throw an office holiday party, organizing the wings and drinks should be the last thing on your mind. Thanks to special events like these, the catering market is only expected to grow; in fact, between 2016 and 2021, it’s estimated to grow by 4% or more. Remember that you deserve to have fun too!

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