While it can be tough to appeal to every taste bud at your birthday party, including a succulent rib rub is the best way to make your backyard barbecue the event of the summer. Before you slather on the bbq sauce, think about these options to dry rub your ribs.

Rosemary garlic rub

If the guests at your birthday party enjoy lighter fare, try using a rosemary garlic dry rub to season your pork. This is a great catch-all to appeal to all your guests. The muted flavors are reliable and are unlikely to cause a fuss — this is great if your birthday party includes a lot of kids or not-so-adventurous eaters. This rub mimics the classic flavors you’d put on chicken, but your ribs will appreciate the new flavors all the same.

A toast to Texas

Even though you’re looking to get the best bbq in Ohio, you have to remember the south invented it. Add a little southern charm to your birthday party by dry rubbing your ribs with chili powder, cumin, and red pepper before you baste it in ice-cold barbecue sauce to balance out the flavors. Maybe leave your cowboy hat at home, however.

Keep it classic

There’s no harm in using tried-and-true classics when you cook your ribs. Pork rubs are built for pork and are still used by barbecue experts all the time. Slather your pork ribs in salt, pepper, paprika, and sugar before slapping in on the grill. Instead of focusing your attention on the rubs, get a variety of barbecue sauces your guests can apply at their leisure.

Don’t forget the sides

While your dry rubs will be sure to spice up any party, pairing your delicious ribs with the right side is essential. Going for classic comfort food with mac and cheese, potato salad, and corn on the cob is always welcome at a backyard event. If you want to get creative, think of hiring event catering for quick decision-making.

If you haven’t already, consider hiring a comfort food event catering company to take care of the heavy lifting. While trying out new recipes can be fun, relying on professionals is the best way to guarantee your birthday party goes off without a hitch. Caterers are equipped to serve parties of any size, and often attend upwards of 200 events a year on top of the nearly 100 weddings they cater. This will leave you to focus on the more important aspects of your party: namely, celebrating your birthday with your friends.