Ribs are a fantastic addition to any gathering, whether it be a backyard barbecue, a first date ice-breaker, or a family cookout. If you’re at a loss for selecting the right side dish for your bbq ribs, try these options when you visit delectable Dayton, Ohio restaurants.

Collard Greens

It doesn’t matter how you prepare them, collard greens are a summer staple for any backyard barbecue event. Paired with succulent, savory ribs, collard greens will offer variety in texture, a dose of health, and a splash of flavor to complement your ribs. Try collards that have been prepared in a slow cooker with chunks of ham or pieces of ribs to take it to the next level.

Mac and Cheese

Another southern staple, mac and cheese is a necessity for ribs. Mac and cheese is known for its versatility and crowd appeal. Try talking to your local event catering company to craft the perfect mac and cheese flavor combination of your dreams.

Potatoes — mashed, not salted

Okay, you can salt them if you want; mashed potatoes are another versatile dish that has widespread crowd appeal. Garlic, smashed, cheesy, you name it: mashed potatoes can be seasoned with just about anything and has the strength to satisfy any appetite. Paired with your ribs, potatoes are an affordable crowd pleaser that usually leave you with more than enough leftovers to enjoy later.

Fruit Salad

Deviating from the savory, a refreshing fruit salad is a great addition to your toasty ribs on a hot summer day. Watermelon, grapefruit, mangos, pineapples; all these fruits go great together and add a dose of sweetness to an otherwise tangy display of side dishes. This will also appeal to any fussy kids that have a limited pallet.

No matter what, Dayton, Ohio restaurants will know the best options to pair with your ribs. When the average event size can range between 100 and 250 people, relying on a great caterer is the perfect way to satisfy the various taste buds of your guests. If you’re holding an office event or a family event that needs catering, call Bullwinkle’s Top Hat Bistro for the best in ribs, wings, and barbecue Dayton, Ohio has to offer.