Perhaps you are looking for a good barbecue restaurant to go to with your family and friends or to hire a caterer for a special event that’ll serve barbecue food. You may wonder what questions to ask so you can find a good local barbecue restaurant and what barbecue specials to look for on the menu.

What’s On the Menu?

A good barbecue menu will serve a variety of barbecued meats and poultry with side dishes to go with the entrees. They will have pork and beef ribs, brisket, barbecued chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, burnt ends, and sausage. Look for a barbecue restaurant in your town or city that your family or friends recommend and that has been in business for a few years. Does the restaurant cater special events? A Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association survey in 2017 found the barbecue industry will continue to grow all year, so you’ll likely be able to find a great restaurant with an excellent menu in your area.

How Do They Cook the Food?

A good barbecue restaurant will use special equipment to cook the barbecued foods. They might use grills and smokers, with wood or charcoal. Some barbecue restaurants cook in indoor or outdoor firepits. Some restaurants cook on wood smoker grills, a wood-fired pellet grill, or a smoker grill fueled by propane or gas. Good flavor comes from using the right barbecue equipment.

What Are Their Specials and Side Dishes?

Does the restaurant serve combo platters with side dishes for customers? For example, pork ribs with coleslaw, rice, and beans is a common option. A good menu will have a variety of side dishes to go with the main entree. Popular barbecue sides are coleslaw, potato salad, mac and cheese, beans and rice, collard greens, rice, salads, fries, chicken wings, and cornbread. Barbecue specials or combos offer meat or poultry with two or more side dishes. Be sure the restaurant offers one or several types of barbecue sauce to go with the meal.

What Style of Barbecue Do They Serve?

There are several styles of barbecue cooking from regional areas of the United States. There are unique styles of barbecue cooking in Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, and the Carolinas. Ask the restaurant or caterer what style they use to find out the seasonings, cooking method, and sauces used. There are many styles depending on the state or region you live in.

Does the Restaurant Cater and What Do They Offer?

Look for a caterer that delivers, as this will reduce stress for you. Do they set up the tables and food for you and have staff to serve it? Do they offer barbecue specials as part of the catering, and do they set up a self-serve buffet? Do they supply plates and utensils when they deliver the food? Ask to see a sample menu and for help with menu planning.

These are some frequent questions to ask when looking for a barbecue restaurant or caterer for your next special event or meeting. A restaurant that offers good barbecue specials will please many different appetites as well as a menu with many choices. Contact us today to learn about our barbeque!