It’s officially the start of the holiday season and that means it’s time to wow guests with a fancy party.

If you want to make your party stand out from the rest, however, you might need to throw in a few extra bells and whistles. Here’s how to craft a ritzy party during the holidays.

Send out personalized invitations

An online invitation is great if you’re throwing a casual party but your special event needs a personal flair. Go old school and get beautiful parchment paper to craft your invitations. Send them out to your family and friends with an RSVP request to ensure you get enough food and drink. Speaking of which…

Get a great caterer

You deserve to enjoy your party, not become a stressed-out host managing every detail. With delectable barbecue catering for your special event, you’re able to mingle with guests as the best food is served throughout the night. Surprisingly enough, event catering businesses only serve an average of 71 weddings per year with 235 non-wedding special events. Your food caterers will be more than equipped to handle your crowd, no matter the theme of the party.

Craft your cocktails

Special events are nothing without the perfect cocktail to top off the night. The preferences of your guests may be varied, but it’s always a safe bet to include a red wine, white wine, and the basics for a martini. While you shouldn’t need to create a home-bar to serve your guests, getting some fancy glasses will bring class to the event despite the small number of drinks. After all, this is a special event, not a BYOB college mixer.

The best decorations

When you plan a fancy evening for your guests, choose three main colors to extend to the rest of your home or event venue. This will create an uncluttered, streamlined look and keep the attention on each other, not the atmosphere.

Be sure to include table settings and a centerpiece that ties into the color scheme to bring the whole room together.

When you’re planning a special event, whether it’s a holiday event or not, follow these tips to impress your guests. For the best bbq catering Dayton Ohio has to offer, call Bullwinkle’s Top Hat Bistro today.