The holidays may seem far away right now, but soon enough it will be time to start deciding on details for your office holiday party. One of the most important decisions you will make is what food caterer you will use for your event. Food is central to a good office party, and barbecue is classic comfort food that everyone can enjoy.

The Holidays Are About Comfort

Office holiday parties are often celebrations of a year’s worth of individual and group accomplishments. It is a time when everyone can enjoy themselves and everything that they have achieved in the past year. What better way to celebrate than with food that will remind everyone of the happiness of a Summer BBQ? Though many people may associate barbecue with Summer, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) did a survey that showed the BBQ catering market sees business all year round, proving that the Summer comfort is something people crave all year long.

The Catering Choice Can Serve as a Conversation Starter

There is nothing worse than a holiday party where everyone quietly stands around because no one wants to strike up a conversation. Therefore, having an unusual catering choice such as barbecue can help start some conversations. Whether employees talk about memories of BBQs they have attended or just talk about their love for ribs, what will be important is that they are talking. You wouldn’t be the first office ever to have a food caterer that brings barbecue to a holiday party, but it would be unique enough to get your office talking.

Barbecue Has Something For Everyone

Barbecue has many options for food types between main dishes and sides and choosing to use a food caterer that caters barbecue food means that everyone will be happy about something that is on the menu for your party. Choosing food that can make even the pickiest eaters feel happy and comfortable is key to having an enjoyable holiday party.

If you’re looking for something fun and new in a holiday party food caterer, barbecue may be the choice for you. By trying something new you can start conversations and keep everyone in your office happy at your yearly holiday party.